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HCLE welcomes sponsors. Sponsor a page, an exhibit, or part of the collections and be recognized for your contribution and support. (No ads, but naming rights.)


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Yes, we’d be happy to accept your financial support. Every penny counts!
You have a lot to offer HCLE:Your story, Your artifacts, Your timeAnd we also need funding.
Building a Virtual Museum includes a lot of volunteers.It also requires skills and talents that are best acquired by people being hired – and paid.
And because computers are involved we incur expenses for things like:web hosting,IT support,fees,professional activities, etc.This all adds up.
* Please help us save the lessons of pioneers who introduced computers to classrooms and non-formal learning environments.
* They taught us a new way to learn – and in this changing world, the way and the how of learning continues to change.
* We can benefit from their work, but only if we save it in a way that we can study it.


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